Product Development

Avalex Technologies has a program management and engineering team who have been involved in a diverse range of technical projects. The process of translating system requirements into hardware and software designs is well known to the Avalex team which includes a full staff of program managers and mechanical, electrical, software, and product engineers.


Program Management

An Integrated Product Team (IPT) is developed by the Program Manager (PM) who identifies and assigns personnel from the required functional departments. Members of the IPT are leveraged for their expertise when making decisions which affect the program.

While assigned to the program IPT, all personnel report to the Program Manager who is responsible to the executive department for full cost, schedule, technical compliance, and customer satisfaction. The IPT structure ensures that all job functions and their expertise are included in program decisions.


Mechanical and Electrical Design

Avalex Technologies has Computer Aided Design/Engineering (CAD/CAE) facilities for schematic capture, circuit design, and PCB layout using PC workstations. Mechanical design is performed on a network of AutoCAD Inventor workstations.


Software Development

Avalex has developed a full complement of software to support the functions of all Avalex products. We currently have a team of software engineers dedicated to the development and optimization of software that is included in many of our standard products. This ability to develop a client solution as well as to develop the required protocol for control of the product is a critical success item.

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