ACM9454 – Cockpit Management Unit

The ACM9454 cockpit management unit provides a common user interface for a range of popular communications and navigation equipment in a full-height footprint. The large 5” screen is an excellent platform for viewing maps, ADS-B, and DAFIF inputs.

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About the ACM9454 - Cockpit Management Unit

In the fast-moving world of systems integration, there are constant challenges in integrating a wide range of communications, IFF, navigation, and other special mission systems.  We have created and qualified the ACM9454 to address these daunting challenges.

The ACM9454 cockpit management unit (CMU) features a full-color, sunlight-readable, NVIS-compatible display with a standard Dzus mounting width, designed to provide control and information for all attached radios and devices in a single, compact unit.  This common user interface is a breakthrough that allows operators to manage a variety of radios and avionics equipment from different manufacturers quickly and simply via a single set of controls.

The standard user interface consists of six (6) softkeys along the bottom to access menus, four (4) line select keys to provide device control, a concentric knob to facilitate data entry and frequency tuning, and a front data loader door for ease of file transfer.  These powerful, yet easy-to-use controls are matched with the broadest functionality in the industry.

View the Avalex ACM family in action.

ACM9454 - Cockpit Management Unit Specifications









Operating Temperature Range

-40˚C to +55˚C

Display Area


Input Voltage

28 VDC

Native Resolution

640 x 640


2 Ports


1 X

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