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Avalex’s VP of Operations Leads with Purpose

Given the rapid growth of Avalex Technologies over the past year and a half, as well as the diversity of the aerospace projects and opportunities that Avalex has accepted, our Vice President of Operations position is a dynamic, challenging, and vital role that is critical to our company’s continued success. Meeting that formidable challenge head-on is our dedicated leader, Matt Holloway.

As VP of Operations at Avalex, Matt manages all planned and ad-hoc initiatives to improve operational quality and efficiency. He started at Avalex nine years ago, armed with sensibilities gleaned from time serving as a U. S. Marine, and began refining his skills as a Product Engineer. After leaving for a short stint in a different industry, he returned in July 2017 to fill his current role, bringing with him a deep sense of purpose. With a vision for raising the bar of accountability for Avalex’s operational performance and a natural knack for bringing people together in the spirit of camaraderie and fun that makes a high-pressure job a pleasure, Matt expertly oversees the repair, production, product engineering, and supply chain teams, as well as their corresponding subgroups. It’s a big responsibility that encompasses day-to-day operational functions from production scheduling and prototyping reviews to just generally making the right things happen, the right way, and on time.

What makes you proud of your work at Avalex?

“We make amazing products to serve warfighters and law enforcement. I think we work together well as a team and the esprit de corps is growing within the company. All of this, combined with the sense of family, makes me proud to work at Avalex.”

What is an example of that?

“Our charity initiatives. We utilize teamwork in all that we do, which comes easy to us, given our family atmosphere. Recently we’ve  been working across departments to set goals and develop creative ways to challenge and inspire each other to give back to our communities. Our current projects support Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and the Santa Rosa Kids’ House.”

What are your work goals over the next 12 months?

“My primary goal is to sharpen and refine our internal processes so we may continue to improve upon our products and services that we deliver to our valued customer.”

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