Avalex Technologies recently received a purchase order for a specially configured AVM3105T from Boom Technology for the
XB-1 “Baby Boom” demonstrator aircraft which will fly next year. Boom is a technology start- up company that is aiming to create a 55 passenger civilian supersonic aircraft to fly up to Mach 2.2.  That’s 1,451 MPH—2.6x faster than other airlines! Conceptually it could fly from NYC to London in less than 3 ¼ hours.  Supersonic flight has existed for 70 years, but it hasn’t been efficient enough for routine travel. Learning from the Concorde, they are combining advances in technologies and engineering innovation to bring supersonic flight back as an economically sustainable business model.

The XB-1 demonstrator is the first step towards this goal. It is a one-third scale realization of the Boom passenger airliner and will demonstrate in flight the key technologies for practical supersonic transport. XB-1 is under construction at Boom’s hangar at Centennial Airport, just south of Denver.  Flight tests will be conducted in the supersonic test corridor near Edwards Air Force Base in Southern California, in partnership with Virgin Galactic.

Avalex was selected in part because of our success with the Virgin Galactic White Knight and Spaceship One program. Our ASD3124 multifunction displays are combined with customer developed software to provide primary flight display functionality in both the launch aircraft and space vehicle. The same type of hardware/software partnership will be used in the Baby Boom transport aircraft. Our third partner on this program is Core AVI who will be writing safety critical graphics drivers for our AMD hardware. The Avalex software team will be preparing a software developer’s kit (SDK) for the CentOS version of Linux which will be used for Boom software development. Eventually the software will be migrated to a real time operating system (RTOS) for enhanced reliability.

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