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Design & Development

The Solution for Success //

As a provider of end-to-end technology solutions, we follow a comprehensive process that ensures every step of product development is expertly handled. This enables complete customer satisfaction and product development success.


With in-depth consultation and analysis, we evaluate needs.


Designs meet unique mission, platform, and systems requirements.


Throughout development, we manage processes and communications.


Rigorous testing with state-of-the-art equipment ensures safety, reliability.


Multi-discipline, innovative engineers conceptualize and design.


Our commitment to quality and compliance is verified at every step.


Manufacturing teams build with precision and skill.


We stand by our products with fast and thorough customer support.

Analysis //

Understanding our customers’ unique requirements is the critical starting point in product development. This discovery process is begun by Business Development and Product Management team members, who will consult with customers to analyze their needs and define solutions. With the backing of decades of aerospace and defense experience, Business Development Managers then take the role as primary points of contact, to ensure responsive communications and provide expert advise on program requirements, schedules, and budgets. Product Management tends Avalex’s expansive commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) product portfolio to deliver long-life, form-fit-function availability of our industry-leading technologies. When COTS offerings do not meet unique program requirements, they will join the Program Management Teams as Technology Ambassadors, to architect modified-COTS or custom product solution proposals. In this role, they facilitate the fulfilment of requirements by capturing and maintaining technical details, allowing Integrated Product Teams to rapidly spin up and execute once under contract.

Program Management //

Central to Avalex’s program management methodology is the establishment of an IPT composed of personnel from the required functional departments and chaired by an Avalex Program Manager who is responsible for the effective management of the program. The Program Manager provides the key interface to the customer and coordinates the functional activities of engineering, production, supply chain, and quality, in order to meet the customer’s requirements. Avalex’s internal processes requires the Program Manager to coordinate and manage the program using a seven-step product development process that includes: a kick-off meeting, systems requirements review, preliminary design review, critical design review, test readiness review, configuration management audit and production readiness review. Individual program schedule and budget tracking is reported in status reports to both internal and external stakeholders.

Engineering //

Avalex’s Engineering Teams support the multi-functional engineering aspects of development, design, and production. Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Teams use a full suite of automated design tools to design mechanical structures, electrical interfaces, electrical circuitry, and PCB layout for company products or customer-specific designs. Software Design Teams create embedded and application software designs for use on Linux and Windows operating systems. The applications are company-specific or user-defined designs. We also have an independent team of Test Engineers to take the prototype design through all stages of EMI and environmental testing along with a dedicated team of Manufacturing Engineers to support our products through all stages of life cycle, from initial fielding to sustainment and redesign.

Testing and Certification //

Avalex is proud to be AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certified, a standard applying to companies who ensure the performance and safety of their products that support the aerospace and defense industries. Our quality-control and pre-certification testing procedures includes utilization of comprehensive, rigorous environmental testing equipment for both burn-in and Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) of production hardware. This and other state-of-the-art testing capability allows us to mitigate design development risk, verify the best possible workmanship, and achieve the highest possible reliability.

Quality Control //

Committed to the on-time delivery of high-quality products and services that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations, we embrace a culture of continuous improvement that promotes teamwork, training, and 100% customer satisfaction. Throughout the product development process, our Quality Management Department monitors the processes, procedures, and deliverables of every department, to ensure that we maintain the rigorous standards of our own Quality Policy as well as standards necessary to maintain our AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certifications.

Support //

Avalex is dedicated to continued, dependable customer support. To enable support, we offer a FAA Certified Repair Station. With this we are certified to inspect, repair, replace, or overhaul our products on-site, per the rules and regulations governing aviation activities in the United States. Certification covers maintenance, preventative maintenance, or alterations listed in FAR 145.