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State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Capability //

Avalex maintains a 20,000 square foot manufacturing floor that houses inventory and five manufacturing areas designed to accommodate modifications for the addition of new products and programs. The manufacturing floor is supported and supplemented with a domestic and international supply chain and all off-the-shelf components are sourced either directly from the manufacturer or through authorized distributors. The Manufacturing Department also accommodates a 324 square foot CCA test area alongside a 400 square foot assembly area, which is accompanied by an 800 square foot functional test area with product-specific test stations. 

Comprehensive Testing Capability //

The value of our design and build capabilities includes a wide range of cross-functional testing used to ensure full life-cycle safety and reliability standards for our products, and to maintain our AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certifications. In addition to the rigorous environmental testing that is performed within the manufacturing phase, Avalex performs various quality-control and performance testing during other stages of product development, utilizing areas such as a Systems Integration Lab (SIL), Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) chamber, and multiple Optics labs, for chromaticity, NVIS, and other optics testing.