Enhanced Vision System (EVS)

Lexavia Enhanced Vision System (EVS) //

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We are the leader in high-performance Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS)

EVS are sensors that generate an image based on thermal energy present within the environment. Most current EVS utilize a small infrared core that functions in the long-wave infrared (LWIR) spectrum, sensing heat that is emitted from objects in the environment. The thermal difference between one object and another is presented in an image that appears much like a black and white video. Some current EVS may be multi-spectral, where a visible camera or other sensor is included in the imagery through the blending of the two sensor outputs into a single image.

EVS sensors normally display on Multi-Function Displays (MFDs), Primary Navigational Displays (PNDs), or Dedicated Displays that are within the normal scan of the flying pilot. Enhanced vision systems can dramatically improve situational awareness to mitigate the effects of spatial disorientation, the inadvertent flight into instrument meteorological conditions (IIMC), and controlled flight into terrain (CFIT).