Mapping / Mission Management

Prepare for Success with Innovative, Reliable Mapping and Processing //

When your missions require the use of complex navigational systems, choose the product designed, built, and programmed for airborne emergency response, law enforcement and surveying, Avalex Mapping Systems (AMS). Avalex Mapping Systems guarantee the mission-friendly usability, innovative moving map technology, and unparalleled reliability of our digital mapping and sensor fusion systems.

  • Integrates with everything operators need for mission success, from electro-optic and infrared (EO/IR) sensors, to radar and search lights.
  • Mapping databases are available for all corners of the earth and are easily updated in the field.

For additional special mission capabilities, choose the general-purpose data and graphics processing capability of our Avalex Mission Processor (AMP) products.

  • Robust and configurable set of avionics and mission systems data ports, embedded high-speed GPS, high definition video encode/decode and ample data storage with encryption options.
  • Available as bare hardware with board support package (BSP); with Windows 10 Professional 64-bit IoT or CentOS 7 Linux and a low-level software developer’s kit (SDK); or with the Avalex Mission Management Suite (AMMS) software package, featuring customizable software modules for tactical moving map powered by FliteScene, targeting pod and EO/IR sensor integration, weapon stores management, digital kneeboard packet, tactical datalink track management, route and waypoint management, and mission planning station integration.
  • Comprehensive capability in a small, passively cooled, DO-160G qualified package


Mapping System


Mission Processor