ACM9433 – Cockpit Management Unit

The innovative Avalex Cockpit Management Unit (ACM), model ACM9433, is a rugged cockpit management unit (CMU) that serves as a single control head for managing multiple radios, TACAN, transponders, visual data, such as moving maps, and more. Designed with data ports that are prepared for technology expansion, it supports future growth.

The ACM9433 features a high-resolution, 3.9-inch LCD display that is sunlight-readable and NVIS-compatible. It’s proven, intuitive user interface design transitions operators from fi rst-timers to experts in hours, and its modular software allows for rapid insertion of new technology and mission capabilities. Available CMU apps include DAFIF, moving map, text messaging, and search and rescue beacon navigation. This unit is an ideal choice for enabling multi-role aircraft fl eets and simplifying logistics.

The ACM9433 is a cockpit management unit that provides a common user interface for a broad range of popular cockpit radios in a slim half-height profile, ideal when cockpit space is at a premium. For larger models, see the ACM9443 or the ACM9454.

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About the ACM9433 - Cockpit Management Unit


View the Avalex ACM family in action in this video:


ACM9433 - Cockpit Management Unit Specifications









Operating Temperature Range

-40˚C to +55˚C

Display Area


Input Voltage

28 VDC


1 X

General I/O

Discrete 3 in / 8 out, RS-232 (2), RS-422 (2), ARINC 429, Ethernet


ARC-210, ARC-231, HF-900D, PRC-117G, RF-7850A, RF-7800H, ARC-906A, APX-119, APX-117/118/123A, DPX-7, ARN-154, TACAN+, DF-935