ACM9443 – Cockpit Management Unit

There’s nothing else on the rugged airborne market like the Avalex ACM9443 cockpit management unit (CMU). Its precise engineering creates a single user interface that manages multiple radios, TACANs and transponders in a compact housing.

See the ACM9433 and ACM9454 for smaller and larger models, respectively, and visit this article in Military & Aerospace Electronics to see how F-16 fighter jets are using Avalex CMUs.

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About the ACM9443 - Cockpit Management Unit

9443Multiple radios. Multiple types. One screen.

The Avalex ACM9443 simplifies cockpit integration and radio control. With a patent-pending design, it creates a single user interface that manages multiple radios, TACANs and transponders in a trimmed-down format . This easy-to-use system reduces training requirements while enhancing aircraft capabilities — in the past, the ability to control diverse communications systems would require a range of dedicated control heads. No more.

The ACM9443 cockpit management unit features a high-resolution full-color LCD, sunlight-readable, NVIS-compatible display with a standard Dzus mounting width and an efficient 3.36-inch height. The common user interface allows operators to manage up to eight (8) radios from different manufacturers via a single set of controls.

The ACM9443 frees up premium cockpit and console real estate by combining control display unit functionality in one system. The user interface consists of:

• Six (6) softkeys along the bottom to access menus
• A concentric knob for data entry and frequency tuning
• An encoder knob for radio selection and system menu access
• Buttons to control the menu, dimming, and day/night mode changes
• A front-panel SD-card slot and USB port behind a media door for simple data transfer
• Four (4) line select keys at the left of the display to manage radio channel selection and preset loading
• Drop-in for ARC-210 C-12719 controller

View the Avalex ACM family in action in this video:


ACM9443 - Cockpit Management Unit Specifications









Operating Temperature Range

-40˚C to +55˚C

Display Area


Input Voltage

18-28 VDC

Native Resolution

480 x 272


2 Ports


1 X

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