ACM9454 – Cockpit Management Unit

Every cockpit system, one point of control.

The ACM9454 cockpit management unit provides a common user interface for a range of popular communications and navigation equipment in a full-height footprint. The large 5″ screen is an excellent platform for viewing maps, ADS-B, and DAFIF inputs.

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About the ACM9454 - Cockpit Management Unit

Many Functions, One Larger Purpose

Streamline your cockpit operations with the unmatched power of the ACM9454 cockpit management unit. Able to control a full range of communication signals, navigational equipment, transponders, special mission systems and more, it puts all your most important insights and tools right at your fingertips. It’s all available on one single dashboard, no matter the conditions or environment.

Space-saving, Sleek Design

Is your cockpit space at a premium? Then the ACM9454 is for you. At a mere 5-by-4 inches in size, this powerful cockpit management unit is the definition of “small but mighty.” But don’t mistake its small stature for weakness. With 11 different connectivities and compatibility with 15-plus waveforms, it’s one of the most versatile and powerful CMU options on the market.

Adaptable to Any Environment

This cockpit management unit is as flexible as they come. Fully sunlight readable, it adapts to any condition, day or night. It’s also full color, ensuring picture-perfect quality no matter what far reaches of the world you’re located in. There’s even a reverse-video, black-on-green setting for low-light conditions.

Easy to Integrate, Easier to Understand

Thanks to its wide range of inputs, outputs and compatibilities, the ACM9454 integrates with everything from digital maps and transponders to IFF systems and ADS-B solutions. But don’t assume it’s complicated. With one single control point, easy-to-use softkeys and concentric knobs, and a front data loader for fast file transfer, managing your cockpit has never been easier than with the ACM9454.

Make Your Missions Smoother

The ACM9454 cockpit management unit exists to make in-flight operations easier, more efficient and more effective. Want to leverage this powerful tool on your next mission? Then download the product brochure or contact Avalex Technologies today for more information.

View the Avalex ACM family in action.


ACM9454 - Cockpit Management Unit Specifications









Operating Temperature Range

-40˚C to +55˚C

Display Area


Input Voltage

28 VDC

Native Resolution

640 x 640


2 Ports


1 X

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