Cabin Pressure Oxygen Warning Systems (CPOWS) – ASI9122/23

High-speed missions are very demanding and require the best monitoring for pressurization and oxygen systems. Avalex Technologies’ ASI9122/23 (a smaller-screen variant of the ASI9122E) brings together highly accurate, modern pressure sensors with the latest graphical display technology in a 2 ATI package.

Either standalone or integrated with an air data computer, the CPOWS offer immediate warning, both visual and aural, for any system exceedances, all while logging critical system data for later download and analysis.

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About the Cabin Pressure Oxygen Warning Systems (CPOWS) - ASI9122/23

  • Static / Pressure Options
  • Aural / Visible Warnings
  • “Green is Good” LED
  • Graphical Display
  • Data Capture / Download
  • Integrated Pressure Schedule
  • Data Bus Options
  • Standalone / Integrated
  • Sunlight-Readable OLED
  • 2 ATI Size

Cabin Pressure Oxygen Warning Systems (CPOWS) - ASI9122/23 Specifications







Operating Temperature Range

-40 to 55° C

Storage Temperature Range

-55 to 85°



General I/O

ARINC 429, ARINC 825 / CAN, Discrete, MIL STD 1553, RS-422

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