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Shaping Avalex’s Future: VP of Strategic Development Shares Her Vision and Commitment to Our Customers

VP of Strategic Development standing in front of Avalex sign

At Avalex, 2021 could be considered the Year of the Customer, given the many initiatives that are well underway which place the Customer squarely at the forefront of the organization, and a new leader has stepped up to shape and guide these developments: VP of Strategic Development, Paule Boilard. Building on Avalex’s strong and long-time Customer basis, Paule now leads the company strategy, focusing on four main pillars: programs execution, continuous improvements, Customer satisfaction, and the shaping of Avalex’s future – and she does so with a positivity and passion that is inspirational to those around her.

Paule joined the Avalex family in 2020, bringing with her not only extensive experience in the strategic execution of complex programs, but a strong work ethic and mindset for success. As her two college-aged sons, Anthony and Jonathan, can attest, she applies a forward-thinking, mission-driven approach to life that has served her well both personally and professionally. Like her sons, Avalex team-members can count on her to listen and lead by example, and to bring forward not only visionary ideas but proven methods for solving problems. It’s a simple formula for success, she says, “set goals, define solutions, and execute.”

This forte for strategic thinking and implementation of programs is just what Avalex needs at this time. Avalex’s technical expertise is no doubt one of the most advanced in the marketplace, so the demand for Avalex products and services has grown, making the role of Avalex Program Managers especially vital. Now under her guidance, Program Management Office (PMO) leaders are responsible for directing a portfolio of programs across all Avalex business lines. They start by defining and understanding what needs to be done and how to do it, then manage their programs to successful completion. As Paule points out, with the company emphasizing integrated mission systems, the role is becoming even more complex and exciting, and has proven to be a source of personal fulfillment for PMO team members. “Executing per commitments is the mission of the Program Managers – they truly care for our Customers,” she explained.

AJ and Paule working together, looking at computer monitor
Program Manager, AJ Pritchett, and VP of Strategic Development, Paule Boilard

As Avalex innovation has continued to spur growth, the role of the VP of Strategic Development is also focusing on refining internal processes through continuous improvements, ensuring that current and future commitments are met, for the success of our Customers’ programs and their missions. This refinement begins with identifying cross-functional improvement opportunities and directing peer teams across the organization to implement those improvements. Whether those improvements relate to Operations, Quality, Engineering, or PMO, Paule’s goal is to ensure that each improvement is actioned and ultimately delivers a positive impact to the Customer.

 “Understanding a Customer’s needs is at the heart of defining those solutions that will make that Customer successful,” Paule stresses. This philosophy drives her approach of applying upfront effort that leads to future success. Working with the Avalex team, Paule guides both initial evaluation of new business initiatives and the development of repeatable and executable programs and solutions related to those programs. After investigating and developing value propositions associated with new solutions, a seamless introduction to production is planned and executed for the Avalex Customer.

Paules’ strategy execution includes identifying and developing the processes necessary for linking the company’s strategic objectives portfolio to the Program Management Office, thereby enabling effective, coordinated implementation. Additionally, the collection and analysis of business metrics at the finance, project, and operations levels are being used to verify that objectives are on track and on time, with any risks identified and addressed. To that end, cross-departmental coordination is key, making the VP of Strategic Development role especially comprehensive, and it is an area in which she excels. Already her guidance in developing and executing strategic business plans in the workplace has heightened collaboration and efficiency, and there is a shared sense of excitement in the workplace.

With a consistent, positive Customer experience being crucial to her plans for Avalex’s future, Paule is busy with the designing and delivering of Customer experience strategies, processes, and actions on a daily basis. From marketing to delivery, this VP of Strategic Development is holding herself and others accountable for the monitoring of internal and external Customer scorecards to ensure quality delivery of Avalex solutions to our Customers, as well as the implementation of any actions needed to improve performance. It’s a strong retention and growth focus, with an already-growing Customer base at its foundation.

Overall, nurturing of the Customer experience culture within the Avalex team, from first Customer contact through post-production deliveries, is a good summation of Paule’s new role at Avalex. As she herself describes, and the company firmly stands behind, “In a nutshell, the VP of Strategic Development has the Customer at the center if its mission… for all missions ahead!

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